Monday, October 6, 2008

Too beautiful to eat...

FI's mom's cousin's friend (was that complicated enough?) makes cookies for FI's mom's cousin's open houses (she's a realtor). She made some beautiful wedding cookie samples for FI and I.

Here's a double-hearted one with the couple's names on them. It's super-cute with the 2 background colors and the edge decorations.

This is the same double-heart shape but with a tux and wedding dress design. This is so intricate! You can't really see it clearly, but there are extra black piping on the tux for the lapels. The dress even has piping that looks like lace and a string of pearls.

Here's a wedding dress cookie. The piping on the skirt gives it a nice ballgowny feel.

This wedding cake has a cute heart caketopper. I love the piping work that makes it look like fondant stripes or icing designs.
The cookies were suprisingly soft and chewy, even though it was a few days before we ate them. They were really tasty!

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