Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Office Space (not the movie) Part I: Long and Narrow

To continue on our IKEA adventure...

FI and I decided the best way to maximize the space between the bookshelf and the tv stand was to create a work station for both of us. So we set out at IKEA to find a long table that we could both use as our computer table.

We decided on the Vika Amon table top and 5 Vika Curry table legs.

Here are the table legs all laid out.
The table top on its top. Those are FI's feet.

We first screwed in the leg tops to the table. This was easy but repetitive (5 legs with 5 screws each).

FI and I had a little assembly line going. He would first use the electric drill to mostly tighten the screws. Then I'd come around and hand-tighten them completely. This way, if we ever need to remove the screws using only a regular screwdriver, we'd be able to.

Then we screwed in each leg and added the rubber stop bottom to each.

Then with some teamwork, we managed to flip the long table (6.5 feet!) over and position it against the window. Here's the start of our workstation. Plants, printer, our laptops, and a lot of cords.
Yay, a place to blog!

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