Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Yesterday at work, FI and I were trying to figure out what to do for dinner. We finally decided on a fried rice with all of the leftovers in our fridge.

The fried rice dish consisted of:
- leftover brown rice from a dinner last week
- zucchini from our Saturday night dinner
- scrambled eggs
- the raw veggies (from the veggie platter from our Monday Night TV Party)
- 4 mini crab cakes (the only meat that was left from our Monday Night Costco binge-out)
- soy sauce (to taste)
- oyster sauce (a dash)

FI cooked everything. He scrambled the eggs and removed them from the wok. Then he threw in all of the raw vegetables and then the zucchini. Then he added mini crab cakes and mushed them up a bit so they separated into little crabby meat bits. Then he threw on the days-old brown rice (old rice is always best for making fried rice - the rice is drier so it stir-fries better). Finally he added the eggs back in and added soy sauce and oyster sauce to taste.

Yummy! I love all of the colors in this dish! The greens, reds, and oranges of the veggies just pop with the yellow of the eggs. Simple, easy, not wasteful, and SUPER DELICIOUS!

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