Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A German play with rock music

Last Friday night, FI and I went to see the Broadway musical Spring Awakening. I had a TKTS gift certificate that I needed to use and we finally had a free weekend in the city.

So I headed over to South Street Seaport on my lunch hour to see what was available and buy tickets. I didn't really see anything that was on the top of our list, but we both knew that Spring Awakening had won a bunch of Tonys so we figured that was a good enough recommendation.

All I knew about the show was that it was based on a German play from the turn of the century but there was rock music. Yeah, it sounded a little weird to me too. FI didn't know anything so he went in to the show with no expectations.

And you know what? Old German play and rock songs? Actually worked together really well. The storyline of the play wasn't changed, but they updated some of the dialogue. The songs were right in rock ballad/tempo/mood. The music was definitely a fantasy/internal monologue tool as all of the lyrics were in more modern language and had a lot of curse words.

The songs were really great to listen to and I could even feel FI's feet tapping away as we bobbed along to the music. The actors all had great voices. You can tell they were trained vocalists versus actors who were trying their hands at singing. Their singing just sounds so effortless and they're not gasping for air or trying to hold onto a note.

FI and I both highly recommend the musical! It's not for the conventional Broadway audience, but it was a really cool show.


L2 said...

Spring Awakening is the same show that the kids in 90210 were auditioning for!

Junage said...

Yep! But apparently they didn't show much in the show. I guess that's how everyone knows the musical.