Sunday, October 19, 2008

My birthday dinner...

Another retro restaurant blog post...

To celebrate my birthday earlier this summer, FI took me to Sandro's for dinner. I wanted to have some good Italian food and Sandro's is known for their homemade pasta.

We wanted to have the signature appetizer - fried crispy artichokes with white wine - but they were out, so we went with the calamari and artichoke appetizer instead. The artichokes and calamari were a good combination.

FI had the fettuccine with bolognese sauce. The fettuccine was so, so good. Fresh homemade pasta just has such a great consistency and it was just the right amount of chewiness.

I had the spaghettini with lemon cream sauce. It may sound kind of gross since lemon cream is a dessert, but since there was no sugar in the sauce, it wasn't sweet or desserty at all. The sauce wasn't too lemony either. And again the noodles were fabulous. There's something really yummy about the combination of acidy lemon and rich cream as a sauce.

Per usual, FI and I each ate some of our own dish and then switched so we could try the other person's dish (which is why we always order different entrees). And here was some left of each entree, so I got to have lunch the next day too!

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