Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hanging in the Hay-Hay

This weekend I was in New Haven for some alumni meetings. FI came up on Saturday and we went out on the town.

FI's new favorite blog that he's added to his RSS feed is A Hamburger Today, a blog devoted to his favorite food - burgers! So he really wanted to eat at Louis Lunch, where the hamburger was invented! (True story, go to their wiki page).

Here we are outside Louis Lunch.

They are purists in here and don't have any condiments for their burgers. They feel that any sauces ruin the purity of the taste of the burger.

I got a ginger ale. FI says it looks like a lite beer.

Here's the burger! The burger is cooked in a rack oven and it goes on 2 pieces of white toast. The bread is toasted in a revolving toaster and the cheese is a spread so it doesn't fall off while it's revolving.

I know, I know, that picture looks kind of gross, but I couldn't put a flash on because of all the white from the plate and toast.

Here's a better sideview picture of the burger.

The burger was pretty tasty. The meat was grilled well, although it was a little bland. But the toppings of cheese, tomato and onion added a lot of flavor. The toast was really good too! FI and I think we might try this next time we make burgers.

After Louis Lunch, we went across the street to Bar to have some New Haven-style pizza. Bar and the Bru Room are some nice spaces, with large rooms and lots of tables and yummy yummy pizza!

They also have a little micro brewery with their own beers.

New Haven pizza is amazing. It's a thin crust pizza baked in a brick oven. The crust is super crispy and the toppings are always nicely grilled. Some popular toppings include clams, eggplant, and broccoli. We got a white pizza with mashed potato and garlic. I know the mashed potato sounds weird, but it was delicious! Mashed potato is the speciality of Bar.

Every time FI has come up to visit New Haven, we've hit one of the pizza joints known for their New Haven pizza. Last time it was Modern Apizza and we had eggplant pizza. Next time we'll have to go to Sally's or Pepe's.

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