Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finally made it to Spotted Pig

We finally made it out to Spotted Pig for dinner. FI and I met right after work so we'd beat the crowds. When I got to Spotted Pig, it was already really crowded but they could seat us right away. So when FI arrived from parking the car, we rushed right in and were able to be seated.

We ended up getting 2 plates (appetizers) and 2 entrees and passed on a veggie side.

I started out with Prosciutto fritters made with cheese and spinach with a ginger and tomato sauce. They were really tasty and the saltiness of the fritters were a great contrast to the sourness of the sauce. I ate my 3.5 fritters and switched with FI's plate...

The other plate were these crispy sweetbreads with red peppers that were super tender and crispy. The sweetbreads weren't too soft so they were squishy but weren't so tough that they were chewy.

For one entree, we had quail with figs and onions. FI and I each had a half o f a quail, but I ate the whole fig. The sweetness and squishiness of the fig worked really well with the crispy saltiness of the quail.

The other entree was grilled beef tongue with sour cream (the white), golden fingerling potatos (the yellow, with duck fat), thin slivered beets (dark red dots), and dill pickles (green oblongs). There were a lot of flavors and textures. I would try to eat each bite with a little bit of each ingredient. The beef tongue was pretty tender, even though it was hard to cut. Although I think that was mostly cause I kept cutting against the muscles not with them.

For dessert we had a flourless dark chocolate and orange cake. It was very sweet and dense. We would take each bite of cake with some cinnamon whipping cream (that's the white blob on the left of the cake). FI was like "We've made this before!" referring to the cream. Which we did in a dessert class we took together last year.

It's nice to cross off a NYC must-eat restaurant off the list. Now off to all of the other ones!


karobug said...

I sure the food was very yummy, but it looks kinda gross!

Junage said...

Yeah, that's the problem when you use a blackberry camera to take pix in a dark restaurant! I need to remember to bring my camera with me at all times.