Friday, October 3, 2008

My head is much lighter now!

Last week I went and got about 6 inches of hair chopped off. I got lots of layers and short chunky pieces all around my face.It's barely past my shoulders now. And see how it's chunky in the back? There was a lot of layering going on. I have really thick hair so the hairdresser had to layer my hair 3 times - once while cutting it wet, 2nd after it had been blown dry and 3rd after the flatiron had straightened my hair.

He also shortened the pieces in front so they frame my face. See the difference in length?

My hair is really light now. When I washed it for the first time after the cut, it almost felt like no hair at all. It's also really easy to wear down and doesn't get in my eyes.

The best part is that FI really likes it and thinks it's cute!

This will probably be my last haircut before the wedding. I'll have to grow my hair out and all to the same length to be able to put it all in an updo.


karobug said...

cute! i like it.

Angela said...

Over here from Weddingbee :-)

I love your haircut. In fact, it looks almost exactly like mine! I have really fine hair so mine isn't layered as much, but the shape looks practically identical. So, I may be biased, but it's a fabulous 'do :-)

Junage said...

Thanks! The layers are fun and they give my hair shape, but the shorter pieces fall around my face a lot.