Monday, October 20, 2008

My first wedding show

Earlier this summer, I went to my first wedding show. It was at Kate's Paperie and was called "Unveiling the Best". Kate's sponsored the event with Martha Stewart Weddings and Darcy Miller, who's the editor of Martha Stewart Weddings, was there as well.

Since I'm looking to be a DIY bride (well, as much as I can be with time constraints and general procrastination), I was mostly at this event to get ideas and see what details were popular at weddings.

They had some cool appetizers including some yummy corn salsa and these amazing deep-fried shrimp cocktails. Totally cool, but probably totally expensive. Not only were they giant shrimp but each were individually set in its own cocktail glass. Which means 1) time-intensive and 2) not eco-friendly (since they would have to clean each of them and use up a lot of water).

The caterer had some gorgeous dessert platters as well. Here are a bunch of truffle lollipops on display. These must have taken forever to make and set up.

Here are close-ups of the truffle lollipops and pastries. I took some samples home for FI. I wrapped them carefully in a bunch of napkins and stuck them in the top of my purse (very carefully).

A beautiful wedding cake! The flowers are super delicate and gorgeous. However the cake samples were okay, not great. They were too dense and a little dry.

Some pretty stationery sets.

A gorgeous purple and green themed table setting. I really liked this since our colors are lavender and yellow.

It was a fun way to spend an evening. I got to try some yummy food and dessert samples, got some free stationery and see some beautiful wedding set-ups.

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