Saturday, October 25, 2008

A little Japanese meal

To continue on with the rice triangles, they were just a part of our pseudo-Japanese meal this past weekend.

I made 6 rice triangles (two of them have already been eaten by FI and I) and decided I wanted to try frying a couple of them.
I put in a little oil and soy sauce (which wasn't a great idea since it has a much lower burning point than oil and started to go black during the frying) in the frying pan and laid 2 of the rice patties in.

It was hard to fry them. They wouldn't stay together as tightly and started falling apart a little bit. Also, the soy sauce burned and charred the patties.

For our veggie, FI stir-fried some Chinese kale or "kai-lan" or "jie-lan" with garlic. I love how green leafy veggies release so much water when they cook that they practically make their own sauce.

The finished kai-lan plated and ready for us to eat. These were super moist and not dry or overcooked. Even the stalks were easy to eat.

From our shopping trip to Mitsuwa, we also bought some tuna sashmi. As I was dumping them out onto a plate, I decided I wanted to plate them properly. So I started lining them up and the lining up became a circling up and I ended up with a ring of tuna on a green plate.

So of course the wasabi and soy sauce had to go in a bowl in the middle of the plate. Here it is all ready for soy sauce.

I added the soy sauce right before we ate.

It was a really simple meal - tuna, rice, and Chinese kale, but it was tasty and fun to prepare. I'm going to be making rice patties all the time now!


karobug said...

what's with your food obsession lately? or did i miss something in a previous post? lol.

Junage said...

We've been super excited that the kitchen is totally renovated and we can get back to cooking. We've been trying some new things so I wanted to capture all of our new dishes we made!