Sunday, October 12, 2008

His favorite IKEA item...

Out of all the furniture FI and I got at IKEA, his favorite would have to be Trones - shoe organizers. The Trones take up very little space and you can stack them on top of each other. They mount right into the wall and we even use the top Trone as a little hallway table, leaving keys, our phones, and mail on it.

There are no screws or nails that come with the Trones. Which is sort of unusual for an IKEA item, since they usually with exactly everything you'll need. The instructions tell you to get your own wall mountings, since each type of wall is different and would use different types of screws. FI luckily had some screws left over from some other home improvement projects so he was able to install the Trones.

Check out how it doesn't crowd the hallway and we can use the top as a table.

The IKEA website says it can hold up to 6 pairs of shoes, but if you lay the shoes with the soles against each other, you can hold a few more. Also, flip-flops are thinner so we were able to put in a couple more pairs.

We each get one drawer and our sneakers are in the 3rd one.

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