Thursday, October 9, 2008

Office Space Part II: Sittin' Pretty

After FI and I put together our work station, I went to work putting together my office chair.

After scooting around the IKEA show floor in several different office chairs, I picked the Stefano - it wasn't too expensive, pretty comfortable, and adjustable, like a real work chair.

Here it is all in the flat packing box.

All of the pieces laid out before assembly.

A close-up of the wheels and adjustable legs.

I attach the wheels to the base and tighten the adjustable leg. I had a little trouble following IKEA's picture-only instructions and couldn't quite figure out how to put both pieces in so the height could adjust, but I figured it out finally.

I had to attach the seat back to the frame. Here it lays in FI's old computer table.

Then I put the seat on the table and attach the other end of the frame to the seat. You can see the back now hanging off the table.
Yay! It's complete. IKEA really does have renowned packaging skills. A chair, one of the most 3-D pieces of furniture, and a work chair (most complicated version of a chair) none the less, was all packed into a pretty flat squre box.

Now I just need to adjust it so it's the right height and angle for me.
Our completed workspace! We've got stuff on the bookshelf, filing cabinets underneath the table, and laptops up and running!

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