Thursday, October 2, 2008

Giant fortune cookies!

At the beginning of August, FI and I traveled to NoVA to attend the wedding of Sean and Lai-fan. They held their ceremony and reception at The Tower Club which is at the top of what we NoVAns affectionally call "The Shopping Bag" building. It's also the building that Stephen works in, so we just let him lead us all upstairs.

The ceremony was in the late afternoon and the sunlight made the whole space look so beautiful.
Caroline and Fleix brought Cady along. She was super well-behaved throughout the whole ceremony. And during the rest of the reception as well, as EVERYONE (like everyone, not just the girls, but all the guys too) wanted to hold her.

What a cute couple!

Here is the wedding cake. I think Lai-Fan's colors were red and orange. The bridesmaids wore muted orange dresses and flowers were red and orange. The cake had the red roses.

The centerpieces were thin branches arranged in a glass vase and they hung all these cute little red lanterns. The vase was on a mirrored plate and they had scattered Chinese candies all around the tables. The candies were a big hit as those were the first things everyone grabbed for as we sat down.

Our favors were giant homemade fortune cookies that the wedding party (and a few friends) made the last few nights.
For the table names, they used Chinese characters with good meanings - prosperity (fu), love (ai), family (jia), etc.

It was a really great party. Even though it was small, about 100 people, we kept it going pretty late. We danced until the DJs packed up and then we didn't leave even as the clubhouse people started setting up the original furniture.

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