Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rice Triangles

In Japan, I had gotten a rice mold to make our own rice and seaweed balls, but had never gotten around to using it. But this past weekend, FI and I went shopping at Mitsuwa and I bought some seaweed. So I finally got to try out the rice mold.

Here's the mold, still in its original packaging.

FI cooked the rice. He did a great job and it was perfect. Just the right amount of stickiness.

Here's the pack of flavored seaweed we bought at Mitsuwa.

Before using the mold, I washed it and tried to make sense of any directions on the label. Unfortunately, all Japanese...

There are 2 pieces. So I tried first to put rice on one of them. This didn't really work since there was no depth to the mold and the rice just fell out.

So I tried putting rice in the other piece of the mold. I finally figured out the right amount of rice - basically loosely fill the mold piece - to put for each rice ball.

Then you slide the other piece over the rice and press! The excess rice squirts out the holes and you can try and pack it back in or scrape it off back into the rice cooker.

Then you give the mold a bit of a shake and wiggle and slide the piece with the holes off and voila! Little rice triangles!

Then I put pieces of seaweed on the rice.

One piece is on.

I stuck another strip around the top so most of the rice is covered.

Finished rice triangles! Yummy!

Next I'm going to try them with fillings!

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