Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just desserts...

Another retro restaurant post...

Last spring, FI and I spent the evening in Stamford, CT. Since it was late already, we decided to go out for some tea and desserts. We ended up at Market Restaurant in the main square in Stamford.

We first had ricotta doughnuts covered with cinnamon sugar with a lemon curd dipping sauce. The sourness of the lemon and sweetness of the cinnamon played off of each other nicely and gave the doughnut balance. It prevented the dessert from being too overwhelming and heavy.

Then we had a cutesy set-up of gelato tastings in little minature cones with different toppings. I think the flavors were vanilla, coffee, chocolate, amaretto, and lemon (I think). Then were all really yummy, as gelato always is, and FI and I tried to split the toppings (hazel nut, chopped walnuts, chocolate shavings, colored sprinkles) evenly between us.

Having tea with desserts always makes me feel less gluttonness. Like drinking tea during dim sum to counteract the greasy food, it helps cut on the heaviness of the sweets settling in my tummy.

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