Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Things we don't want at our wedding...

Since we've gotten engaged, I've added a whole new category of RSS feeds to my Google Reader - Weddings. I'm included wedding site blogs, invitation blogs, design blogs, wedding planner blogs, cake blogs, and photographer blogs.

I read them everyday for inspiration, how-tos, ideas, commiseration, do-it-yourself projects. They're great fun to look at. While most of them are all great about wedding planning and ideas, there are a few snarky ones out there that are a great laugh.

One of the ones that I enjoy reading just for the snarky commentary is Stupid Wedding Crap. This woman is planning her wedding and kept finding really weird and unnecessary wedding stuff. So she decided to write about it. The stuff she finds mainly falls into 2 categories - 1) nice things that end up not being used because they are personalized with wedding decorations and the couple's names and 2) weird stuff that no one wants to take home with them (like a bale of hay or a champagne bottle egg timer).

Favors are a big discussion point. We're trying to figure out what to do for ours. We've been going back and forth between doing donations, doing a treat (mints, cookies, chocolates), or doing something practical. We still have time to decide, and once we do, we'll have to figure out how to personalize them, DIY of course!


L2 said...

If you do a "goody", can you pick something that doesn't need a pair to be useful? I.e. Us single people won't be able to use it unless we bring a date. I know, I'm so demanding.

Junage said...

Oh good idea! I will definitely keep that in mind. But now I'm curious... what kind of favors are in two pieces and need to be combined to be used? A Triforce from Legend of Zelda? Captain Planet rings?

Rochelle said...

My personal favorite site for things Not to choose for a wedding is http://www.uglydress.com/. Enjoy!