Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Weddings, weddings, weddings!

I thought last year was a crazy year for weddings (I went to 7 and 4 were in the span of 15 days - Sunday, Saturday, Saturday, Sunday) but this year is even crazier because of the multiple destinations.

The FI (I'm promoting him from "boy", I think that stands for "future intended") and I counted up the weddings we're going to this year and we're already at 8!

- April - his friends' wedding in Long Island
- May - his cousin's wedding where he's best man
- June - my best friend's wedding where I'm maid of honor
- July - my cousin's wedding (technically this could be 2 since they're having ceremonies in Japan and Taiwan)
- August #1 - my college friend's wedding in VA
- August #2 - we each have one on the same day! - he's going to his friend's in long island and I'm going to my b-school friend's in Portland, Oregon
- September - my college friend's wedding in VA
- December - my friend's destination wedding on a cruise!

Whew, at least they're fairly spaced out. We've still got some room in October and November if anyone else is thinking of getting hitched. :)

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L2 said...

Crikey, I thought I had too many with 4 already this year. I feel like I'm going to a wedding every other weekend! Three more to go for me I think. No, make that four.

I'm tired, aren't you?