Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Inner Nerd...

I was watching How I Met Your Mother this Monday (which I love, but that's another post) with some friends. After watching 2 episodes, we moved onto The Big Bang Theory. Which I don't watch usually, but I do enjoy immensely.

I'm glad the show's focus is now on the 4 nerds and their interactions. I love the dialogue and can totally relate to those moments when they go into full verbal diarrhea mode. You can't stop talking but you have to clarify or correct something someone said, regardless of whether it's actually true or just the details of a fantasy or sci-fi world.

I love it also when they engage in geek-outs and fuel on each other's fantasy role-plays. The scene in last week's episode Nerdvana Annihilation where they all act out a scene from The Time Machine is hysterical. Go to the video and watch it at about 7:06.

My inner nerd (geek, dweeb) loves it. Not only do they correct each other about the ramifications of time travel but then they also act it out!

I managed to catch both Ironman last Friday and Speed Racer this past Tuesday. I feel like I satisfied my inner geek for this month.

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