Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pretty perfume bottles...

I love buying stuff at Sephora. Both in the store and online. In the store I love running around trying lipsticks and perfumes on and testing out new lotions.

I even learned from a Sephora saleslady how to use testers with makeup. You first take a cotton pad, soak it in alcohol, and then wipe the tester. Then you take a q-tip or applicator and scrape off whatever make-up you want to test. Finally you take another applicator and test the make-up on you. Basically your germs never touch the tester and vice-versa.

I did some online shopping last week at Sephora's. I wanted to get some new perfume and I had grown to like Marc Jacobs' Daisy. I had a small sample that was almost out so I wanted to buy a bottle. It smells super delicious - a combination of fresh flowers and a little bit of exoticness. Also the bottle is super pretty and elegant.

Look how cute it is! The bottle itself is sturdy and classy, a very sleek and substantial design. The daisies on the cap are rubber and they make pulling the cap off really easy. What a great combination of cute and elegant.
I told the boy that it was going to sit on the dresser and "girlify" up the place.
(Image: Sephora.com)
I also bought the Sephora Brand Sun Safety Kit which is filled with oodles of sample sof sun products. I am a huge user of sunscreen and sunblock, having had a few painful sunburns. Thanks to mulitple tubes and spray cans of Neutrogena sun protection, that hasn't happend for a while. I love Neutrogena sun products! They're non-greasy, absorb really quickly, smell really nice, and keep me sun protected. I think I have 5 tubes and 2 spray bottles currently in my apartment. :)

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