Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My favorite wrap...

It gets really cold in our offices. Like shivering, have-to-wear-your-outerwear cold.

There are a few staples that every woman in our building has in her cube. Underneath the desk, there is a pile of dress shoes. Everyone wears sneakers or flip-flops or rainboots or snowboots (depending on the weather) in to work. Then when we get to our desks, we kick off our shoes and pull on a pair of heels.

I finally got a shoe rack to put underneath my desk. My shoes (which ended up being 10 pairs after I sorted and stacked them) were just lost in a big pile and I would never wear some of them. Instead I'd wear the same pair day-in and day-out because I find them right in front.

Back to the cold thing...

The other item every lady has is some sort of wrap/sweater/scarf that hangs on a hook or hanger in their cube. I have a pink wild silk scarf that I got from my Madagascar trip. I also have a beautiful cashmere/silk wrap from BCBG. I saw Su-Cha with 2 when we were in San Francisco and knew I had to have one as well. It's one of my more expensive splurges (yes, I am thrifty), but it's totally worth it. It's light and soft but still warm. I love throwing the long pieces in front over my shoulders so I'm all wrapped up. It's good to look good and be warm at the same time.

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