Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Here he comes...

Thanks to my friend Calvin, we were able to catch a free screening of Speed Racer last night. As I waited in line to get into the screening, I learned some interesting things about setting up these events from the PR guy who was manning the line in front of me and chatting with some corporate invitees.

- Depending on the movie, they'll distribute passes to seats on a 2:1 ratio or a 3:1 ratio to ensure they get a full house. (I'm guessing for a movie like Speed Racer, they did a 2:1 distribution.)
- However, really good weather or really bad weather can cut the attendance way down. (That's what happened last night; the weather was really nice and the theater ended up being only 3/4 full.)
- They could only let 15 people in at a time, because we had to get our bags searched, any cameras or laptops checked, and get scanned by security. (It was pretty hardcore; I guess they were really trying to prevent bootleggers.)

The movie was visually stunning. I loved the costumes and set design. There's something very cool yet retro about the 50s to 70s era they were evoking. Which made it even cooler when it was combined with the futuristic and crazy technology.

I didn't realize it until the end but Rain was in the movie, which was probably why he was in town to have a dance-off with Stephen Colbert.

And I won't say anything more because my friend Steve said he'd kill me if I spoiled anything about it for him. :)

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L2 said...

Saw the preview for Speed Racer during Iron Man....the clip was so graphically intense that I think my eyes wanted crawl into a dark corner of their sockets and hide.