Saturday, May 10, 2008

The start of the guest list...

The wedding planning.... eek! Our friends who had just gotten married or are in the middle of planning their weddings kept telling us it's incredibly stressful and it's like a 2nd job.

The fact that 3 couples told us this in a row at a wedding we attended recently made us very nervous (not that we weren't already about being engaged and getting married). But then one friend told the boy that he (and I) shouldn't do anything wedding-related for 2 weeks after getting engaged. "Enjoy the engagement!" he said.

So the 2 weeks are up now and we need to start thinking about all the parts of the wedding. I've signed up for The Knot, Wedding Channel, and set up RSS feeds to wedding blogs. I even tried to buy a wedding planner at Borders, but after seeing the 2 bookshelves full of pink and flower books, I got scared and left without buying anything.

So we took our first stab at making a guest list. Easiest to start with family of course... because even if you're not very close, you have to invite them.

The boy opened a spreadsheet and started typing in all of his family's names. Heehee... several were labeled "uncle's wife" or "kid" or "kid?". He was like, "I don't know their names!" or "I'm pretty sure they have a kid..." I then added mine - all of the aunts and uncles and cousins and significant others and first cousins once removed.

And the grand total? 154 adults, 20 kids (under 13) for a total of 174 family members!

Good grief!

I think we'll enjoy our engagement a little longer...

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