Tuesday, May 6, 2008

White men can dance (sort of)

I love The Colbert Report not only for the comedic and acting chops of Stephen Colbert, but in as much I enjoy the twisted logic that he employs to make his arguments.

It's always funny to watch him trip up his guests and stun them for a few seconds when he pulls out a random question.

It's even funnier when he rallies his fans into voting for him in all sorts of causes, like the bridge naming, the Saginaw Spirit mascot, Time's Most Influential People, etc.

But I was laughing out loud last night watching Rain and Stephen have a dance off since he challenged Rain because of the voting in Time's Most Influential People.

Here is the video.

The 2nd part where they play DDR is not as entertaining. I much enjoyed them "sparring" off with their freestyling. And as a dancer (by hobby), I'm impressed with Stephen's moves and fluidity.

The issue with most non-dancers is that they don't use their whole body. When they're taught choreography, they'll just move the body part they're told, but they don't move the rest of their body with the move. The best way to see it is to watch a beginner class do a dance with the teacher. You can really see the differences.

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karobug said...

Hilarious! I was also impressed with Colbert's moves.