Sunday, June 1, 2008

Planning the run...

I have been pretty bad at posting for the last couple of weeks. Life had been very busy with wedding showers, bachelorette parties, weddings, family get-togethers, the list goes on.

However, I will endeavor to catch up on my posting.

So onto other ramblings about my life...

The next big Filene's Basement's Running of the Brides is in August 2008 in Boston. My BM (who's shower and bachelorette party I just held as I'm her MOH) did it last year and was even featured on the news in Boston! They were the first ones in line at midnight and waited on line all night and were the first ones to run into Filene's. She's encouraging me to run it as well, volunteering herself and my MOH (who did volunteer herself later) as helpers.

We've also recruited my MOH's husband and my brother. I'm promising them free food and a road trip if they come along and help grab as many dresses as they can.

I've even recruited my FI's good friend, who had heard about the event as a good way to meet single women (the helpers of the brides). :) So I told him I'd give him a legitimate reason to attend the event and meet the ladies if he'd come and help me grab dresses.

My mom, who wants to be there when I pick out my dress, has nervously agreed to come as well. She seemed overwhelmed by the concept and thought it was quite unfair that you could take as many as you wanted at a time. "They should limit it to 6 each time!" she exclaimed. So her job will be the guard of all the dresses. I told her she has to be extra mean and grouchy and not let anyone take the dresses away.

The FI is planning on coming along, but doesn't want to come inside. He doesn't want to see the dress before it's time.

I would like to make t-shirts for the whole team. They're not only cool souvenirs but it also makes it easy for us to find each other.

Some more helpful hints. BM says they were actually waiting about 2 groups behind them when she was at Filene's.

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