Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Winter dinner at Sentosa

After FI picked me up from JFK after a trip home this winter, we stopped off at dinner at Sentosa in Flushing.

First we had Roti Canai (crispy style pancake w/ curry chicken & potato dipping sauce). This pancake was not only crispy but puffy as well and really light to eat.

Then we had Hainanese Chicken (steamed chicken w/ chef's special soy sauce). We had seen this dish on Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations on an episode where he went to Singapore and had wanted to try ever since. This chicken was delicious. It was super tender and light and the sauces were super tasty.

For our veggies we had snow pea shoots (dou miao) stirfried with garlic. FI loved these. Now when we go to Chinatown for groceries, we always try to pick some up.

For our other meat dish we had Spare Ribs Volcano (deep fried spare ribs served in chef's special, sesame seed & wrapped in silver foil). It looked really cool when they brought it to the table and it was all on fire.

The spare ribs themselves were okay. We both thought they were a little too sweet and sticky and the sauce was too much.

Overall Sentosa is a great value and the dishes were all pretty tasty. When we go back, we'll definitely have the roti and the steamed chicken again.

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