Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bulgogi at home

Another recipe from Everyday Food: Great Food Fast by Martha Stewart. We went Asian this time and made a Beef Bulgogi. I couldn't find this recipe on the Martha Stewart site, but there is a similar one with pork and no green peppers.

First we made the marinade. This involved a lot of chopping and stirring. FI noticed the recipe is a lot like my basic Chinese stir-fry marinade - garlic, soy sauce, ginger, sugar - with some added ingredients. We didn't have "red pepper oil" so we substituted with olive oil and pepper flakes in a packet left over from a pizza delivery from a while back.

Then I chopped up the onions and green peppers and very thinly sliced the frozen strip steak. I was pretty neat and the meat came out pretty evenly.

Both the meat and veggies were marinated. It smelled really good.

First the veggies were stir-fried.

Then the meat was cooked.

Finally the veggies were added back to the pan to finish cooking.

We also washed a bunch of lettuce leaves so we could do bulgogi lettuce wraps.

The final product before we dug in.

The bulgogi was delicious! The meat was pretty lean and you only use a little oil for the marinade so it wasn't that bad for you. The combination of cold lettuce and hot, salty steak was a great pairing. Complete opposites in taste, texture, and lingering flavors all made each mouthful delightful to eat and enjoy.

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