Thursday, March 5, 2009

My new favorite cookbook!

Earlier this year, FI, FSIL, and I headed out to Seattle to visit FI's brother's family (more on that trip later). While there we got to eat my FSIL's delicious cooking. One of the cookbooks she referred to for several dishes is "Everyday Living: Great Food Fast" by Martha Stewart.

This book is great! There are tons of recipes organized by season, so you can buy fresh ingredients. The recipes are easy to understand and simple to make. None are super complicated or take a long time to complete.

After we came home from Seattle, we kept raving about the book. FSIL then saw it on sale and bought the last 2 copies, one for her and one for me.

FI and I have already made a bunch of dishes from the book and all of them have been delicious. We even fudge some of the ingredients and cooking times and they still come out great!

I highly recommend this book as a great starter cookbook. The beautiful food pictures are also a great touch as it's much easier to leaf through and decide what new recipes you'd want to try.

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