Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cans of Art

Last fall, there was a really cool exhibit at the World Financial Center. It's a competition, Canstruction, where students build sculptures out of food cans. There were some really cool sculptures ENTIRELY made out of cans. It was some pretty cool work. Not only did the competitors have to figure out what types of cans (size, height) to use, they also had to figure out how to incorporate the colors of the cans into their work.

This is of the China Central Television Headquarters.

Here's a description of the sculpture. The "3000" is how many cans it took to make it.

Here's another one of a giant swan.

This one took 14,568 cans.

Here's a funny one about the "Bridge to Nowhere" (as a pun). There's a little Sarah Palin doll next to the bridge and an igloo on the other side.

This one took 3,888 cans.

This was my absolute favorite sculpture. What was cool was that it was so easily identifiable compared to some of the other structures. And it was so cute! I loved walking by it everyday to get coffee.

This one took 5,527 cans.

I was really impressed with those sculptures that used the colors of the can labels to really create an identifiable subject. It was so cool to see the thing from far away and then as you walked closer, see all the cans that made up the work.

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