Friday, March 6, 2009

From the book: Turkey Burgers

One of the first recipes we tried from the Everyday Food: Great Food Fast cookbook by Martha Stewart was Favorite Turkey Burgers. FI loves, loves burgers and requested this dish.

Here are all the ingredients for turkey patties in a bowl before we mixed it up. We actually didn't use guyere cheese (FI couldn't find it in the store) and instead used blue cheese (which FI did find).

The finished patties, ready for grilling. They were really big! Based on our experiences with making hamburgers, we smooshed these out really flat and large so when they grilled up, they wouldn't be so thick.

We cooked them on FI's George Foreman Grill. While turkey meat is pretty lean, a good amount of fat still was cooked off.

The finished patties with beautiful grill marks.

We also swapped out the burger buns for English muffins. The burgers were really good. The blue cheese was pretty strong so we didn't add as much. All in all a tasty and lean dinner!

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