Monday, March 9, 2009

From the book: Pork Chops with Apples & Shallots

We made another recipe for dinner from Everyday Food: Great Food Fast again. This time we did a pork dish - Pork chops with apples and shallots.

We first seasoned the pork chops with salt and pepper and broiled them so they were nice and tender and crispy on the outside.

For the sauce I cut up shallots and apples and cooked them with butter and white wine. It's funny, usually I have no problems cutting up onions but shallots and scallions always make me cry and then I have to leave the kitchen for a while to get the smell and sting out before I can finish. FI laughs at me for pronouncing "shallots" like "shall-LOTs". I realized I did that because of Anne of Green Gables. In the wonderful movie adaption, there is a whole scene where Anne recreates the poem "The Lady of Shalott" and I just remember the way she says "shalott" and so that's what I call them now.

We also made spinach with butter and nutmeg.

The dinner plated. The sauce was delicious! The sweetness and tartiness of the apples contrasted nicely with the sweetness and crunchiness of the shallots. They add such great flavor to the white meat of the pork chops. Broiling the chops made the bone meat (right next to the bone) even tastier.

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