Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sorry for the lack of posting...

Whew! It's been a crazy summer for FI and me. We've been traveling or going to weddings or moving all of my stuff into FI's apartment. His place is bigger and we save over $2K each month in rent, electricity, and cable. Hello wedding fund!

Anyways... the last couple of months have been action packed. Here's the run-down of our summer.

5/24 - FI's cousin's wedding (He was Best Man)
5/31 - moving
6/7 - my best friend's wedding (I was MOH)
6/14 - moving
6/21 - meet the Parents (His family and I went down to NoVA to meet my family)
6/28 - moving (we moved a bookshelf, a desk, a tv, and a side table down to my aunt's in NJ)
7/5 - road trip (We head up to Rochester to celebrate FI's uncle and aunt's 50 wedding anniversary)
7/12 - beach (As a treat to ourselves for finishing moving, we take a day trip to Fire Island.)
7/19 - Japan (my cousin's wedding)
7/26 - Taiwan (my cousin's Chinese banquet)
8/2 - Fire Island (Again! We go for FI sister's surprise birthday party. She was definitely surprised, since it was raining all day.)
8/9 - wedding (We head to NoVA for another wedding)
8/16 - wedding (We head to Long Island for yet another wedding)
8/23 - I head to Boston for the Running of the Brides
8/30 - Rohobeth Beach (last weekend of the summer)

We thought we'd be able to relax in the fall and not travel so much and hang out in the city. But it looks like our September and October are getting packed too.

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