Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Our first piece of furniture...

So I'm in the process of moving in with FI. As we're trying to figure out how to make all the stuff in 2 studio apts fit into one, we are also getting a few pieces of storage to put all of my stuff.

Our first piece was a cupboard for the bathroom. We bought a super inexpensive one from Target for $30! Which I can't seem to find online... the only one I could find is $120, which is way more than we paid for it.

We spent one evening putting it together. I wish I had taken pictures of our construction. We were super organized. We laid out all of the pieces in order and worked through each step carefully. The pieces were all pressboard so it was superlight and didn't seem very sturdy at all. We had to put part of it together directly in the bathroom since it goes around the toilet.

We had a bit of a mishap because I put 2 of the screws in the wrong way, but FI managed to pull the top off and reattach everything and we finished!

Here's the final product in the bathroom. Looks pretty good right? Definitely worth the $30.

We were worried however that it was so light and not super stable that it might tumble over onto some unsuspecting person sitting on the toilet so we decided to add a support. Using hanging wire (for mirrors and frames), we drilled 2 holes and hammered some hooks and looped the wire through and tied some super tight knots. Kind of ghetto, but it's secure.

Look at the nice doors!

We are impressed with our handiwork!

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