Saturday, September 20, 2008

Renovating the Kitchen Part III: Hurray for Pancakes!

For the beginning of the story, here are Part I and Part II...

The one piece of equipment we didn't get through our contractor was the stove. Given the poor shape of our previous stove, we wanted to find a really nice, new, shiny stove that had a window in the oven so I could see what I was baking. The stove area is pretty small (22 inches, I think) so we had to make sure we got an oven that fit. We also wanted one that was black and silver so it looked modern.

The stove was delivered on a Tuesday. I took the day off to wait for the delivery. There was horrible weather that day so the delivery time kept getting pushed back, from between 9-11 to 10-12 to 11-2. It finally showed up around 1:45pm.

Here it is, still all in its styrofoam and plastic packaging. We still had to wait a few more days to complete the kitchen because while the stove was delivered, they didn't hook it up. We had to wait until Saturday when the contractor could come to hook it up.

During the week, we continued unpacking and consolidating 2 kitchens worth of stuff into one. We figured out what stuff to keep, what stuff to give away, and what to put in storage. Then we had to wash everything since it had all been packed away in the living room for a month.

Saturday finally came around and our contractor came for the last time. He hooked up the stove and added cabinet doors (on the cabinet above the microwave shelf).

And on Sunday we celebrated a completed kitchen! We made our favorite breakfast food - pancakes! And pancakes with fruit (this time it was bananas). We love making silver dollar ones (about 3 inches in diameter) and eating stacks of them.

I especially like making the little ones because I never got them as a kid because Mom thought it took too much time to make them.

So yay for pancakes!

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