Saturday, September 6, 2008

Would you rather?

So on our way back from the Meet the Parents weekend in NoVA (way back in June), we got stuck in major traffic on I-95. To pass the time, we decided to play games. We had the most fun with "would you rather..." and hearing everyone's choices and their reasoning behind them. THe funniest was FI's mom who couldn't choose, so we asked her would you rather "have one only choice or many choices?" She still couldn't decide! :)

Anyways, here were some of our "Would you rather..." questions.

- live in the ocean or in space?
(Ocean, so I could still talk and be heard)

- be deaf or blind?
(deaf, so I could read)

- lose an arm or leg?
(leg, so I could still type and write)

- clean roadkill off the streets or be a gravedigger?
(gravedigger, because I'm not touching dead animals)

- be a CEO or a president?
(president, so I can control everything!)

- be green or covered in fur?
(green, cause I'd rather be Elphaba than the Cowardly Lion)

- have only one choice or too many choices?
(too many, so at least I got to make a decision)

What would you choose?

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