Sunday, September 28, 2008

Homemade McGriddles

This Saturday for breakfast we had leftover pancakes, eggs, and bacon. While FI decided to eat them as a regular continental breakfast, I decided I wanted McGriddles!

Here's my fried egg. FI cooked them pretty long so there would be no yolk oozing out when I cut it up into smaller pieces.

I broke the bacon into smaller pieces and laid them on one pancake.

I then put 2 pieces of egg (cut up into quarters) on top and then placed another pancake on top.

Here are my homemade McGriddles!
They were yummy but a little dry. I realized also the McGriddles say their griddles are "infused with maple syrup" and I didn't put any on. Next time I might try pouring on some syrup before assembly and letting it soak in a bit before eating.

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