Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dinner at Tenzan

We had dinner tonight at Tenzan. It was super wet and rainy all day today, so we didn't feel like going too far out.

So we headed to Tenzan. As FI says, "We've got to support the neighborhood economy." That's why we go to Pinkberry too. :)

We first had some sushi rolls. From top to bottom: Spicy Girl, Tuna Naruto, Yellowtail.
The Spicy Girl rolls were spicy salmon, eel, and avocado and lightly tempura fried. They were very flavorful and the spiciness didn't overwhelm the fish.

The Tuna Naruto (not the manga) were our favorites. Basically tuna sushi with no rice and seaweed. In the middle is avocado and thin cucumber strips are wrapped around the tuna. The tuna was really fresh and not fishy at all.

The Yellowtail rolls were yummy too. Very light. A nice contrast to the Spicy Girl rolls.

We were pretty full by then but I had also ordered an Oyako Don. This one was brown rice with chicken, onion, and veggies.
It is super colorful. The picture (taken on my blackberry) doesn't do it justice. We each had a small bowl since we were so full. The chicken and veggies were good, but the best part is the rice! Japanese brown rice is shorter than your normal white rice and it's soft and chewy and is a little less than q.q. (to quote a Taiwanese expression). So so good.

We'll have Oyako Don leftovers tomorrow.

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