Friday, September 5, 2008

Packing for lunch...

One of the many fun things I got in Japan were Bento boxes! I try to pack my lunch as much as possible and am always claiming the leftovers from dinners or restaurant meals. I even try to eat only half of my entrees so I can take the rest home and eat it for lunch the next day.

I bought 3 Bento boxes in Japan - a plain white one from Muji, an orange Yomiuri Giants one, and a yellow double-decker Very Hungry Caterpillar one.

Here are all the pieces of the yellow Very Hungry Caterpillar bento box, laid out and ready to be filled.

In the bottom container, I've put in FI's yummy pai gu with scallions.

In the top container, I used the divider and put in the rice and broccoli rabe separately so the liquid from the rabe doesn't soak the rice.

This Bento box also comes with a lid for the bottom container.

Finally I stack the 2 on top of each other and snap the lid (with the awesome Hungry Caterpillar) onto both of the containers. Ingenious!

At my desk, heated and ready to eat. Yummy!

I am technically not making true Bento boxes, but at least I'm packing lunch. If I had the time and the patience, I would aspire to be like Sakurako Kitsa and make amazing picture Bentos. Or just have time to pack fun lunches that aren't just the leftovers of last night's dinner, like Biggie of Lunch in a Box.

But at least I'm not wasting food and reusing the same (and super cute!) containers for lunch. Plus I save money by not buying lunch (Yay for the wedding fund!).

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