Friday, September 26, 2008

Jam is back!

We stayed in last night to watch The Office season premiere. It was a one-hour episode, but it didn't feel like it was padded at all. It was quite funny and there was a lot going on.

I think it helped that the episode covered an entire summer of action. I liked how pretty much everyone got a storyline. Except Meredith... I don't think she said anything or had a TH (talking head) the entire episode. And did anyone notice her face during the 1st or 2nd weigh-in? It was really red and shiny, like she had a chemical peel. I guess we'll have to wait until the Season 5 DVDs' deleted scenes to find out what happened.

Things I loved:
- Jam! (That's 'shipper code for Jim and Pam) Yay for Jim for just proposing, instead of trying to plan the perfect moment. At least he didn't ask her about his shoes. :)
- Andy becoming the needy Groomzilla. I liked all the places he looked into for a wedding (Scuba brides! EPCOT Center! Hot air balloons!).
- Michael Scott doing his Michael Klump impression.

Things that made me laugh:
- Michael and Holly doing the rap and beat box. I especially liked how Holly rubbed her lapels together to make the shushing noise at the end of a record.
- Kelly's TH while she's on the master cleanse.
- Dwight trying to grow a goatee (Go-tees!)
- Realizing that everyone knows what she weighs when Pam got off the scale.

Things that made me sympathy-cringe in embarrassment:
- Holly realizing that Kevin is not "special".
- Michael ripping up the Counting Crows tickets.

I love how Steve Carrell is playing Michael Scott. He's super annoying and stupid, but then he's such a sweet dork around Holly, that you're feeling bad for him and cheer him on to ask Holly out. Then he goes and rips up the tickets! And tells her he can't pay her until the next day. Stupid Michael! Arrghh!

Oh well... yay Jam!

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