Monday, June 16, 2008

My shoe organizer!

Remember my post where I vaguely mentioned buying a shoe rack for my cube?

So I did and I set it up under my desk and I put all the shoes I had under my desk on it. Then I started bringing in all the dress shoes I had at home to work too.

I finally ended up with 18 pairs of dress shoes at work!
Looks good, doesn't it? Now I can pick and choose different pairs to wear because I can actually see them.

My friend Ann was shocked I had 18 pairs of dress shoes. I was shocked she didn't have 18 pairs of shoes.

That's not even all of my shoes! I've got a few more dressy shoes, lots of fun sneakers (in different colors), several flip-flops, and rain, snow, and hiking boots.

Although I don't think I have a shoe fetish or addiction. I've never had to hide my shoe purchases from anyone. I even like showing them off to FI when I get new ones.

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