Friday, June 6, 2008

Shower game 2: BRIDE

Today I'm back in NoVA. This weekend is Joan's wedding whom we just had the shower for. I'm at Caroline's house writing this post. We'll be heading over to the rehearsal shortly. Right now I'm listening to her and Felix practice the song they are performing (he on the piano, she singing) at the ceremony tomorrow. I've been doing puzzles with Zoe. Now she's drawing and I'm typing away...

So back to the shower...

The 2nd game of the bridal shower was BRIDE - aka a customized version of BINGO. There are some cool programs online that let you upload a list of words and create your own versions of BINGO. Just google "bingo", "make your own", "word lists", and there will be a bunch of sites you can use.

So I came up with a bunch of words relating to Joan and Ben - their names, colleges, employers, careers, favorite tv shows, movies, sibling names, screen names - and plugged them into the website. Caroline told me to add "Prada" as a joke. Apparently the first thing Ben bought after he started his new job after college were Prada boots. He returned them though.

We printed out a bunch of them and used Zoe's bingo chips as markers (We did end up borrowing a lot of her stuff for the shower. Good thing she was invited!).

After each word was announced, we made Joan explain the significance. That actually came in handy when playing the 3rd shower game.

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