Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The coolest bride ever...

As I said in my previous post, Joan gave the bridal party matching blue Old Navy flip-flops, which we decided to wear to the reception/ceremony site.

After we got into our dresses, we asked Joan if we could wear them until we had to take pictures and then the ceremony. She said sure so we were off and running in blue flip-flops.

We did have our white sandals all ready to wear and we changed into them for the wedding pictures and the ceremony.
After the ceremony and group pictures, we went upstairs to help Joan with the bustle and veil. And we asked if we could wear our blue flip-flops during the reception. Joan was like, sure! I don't mind.

So yay! We got to be super comfortable during the set-up and super comfortable during the reception too. And flip-flops totally matched our dresses too. What a cool and awesome bride!

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mackyton said...

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