Monday, June 9, 2008

Shower game 3: How well do you know the bride?

Our last shower game was a short quiz "How well do you know the bride?". We realized too late that by playing Bride Bingo first, we'd inadvertently give away a few of the answers.

In planning the shower, Caroline and I realized that there are 2 main types of shower quizzes:

- How well do you know the bride? - where you have specific questions about the bride that her friends and family should know, e.g. where did she go to school? what's her favorite food? etc.

- How well do the bride and groom know each other? - where you first quiz the groom on questions about the two of them and then you quiz the bride

The first version of the quiz that got created ended up being more like a quiz we'd give Joan with some very risque questions that we kind of didn't want to know the answers to. So Caroline and I tooled around with the questions, took out the risque ones and added a few of our own.

We realized we didn't know a few of the answers either. But since these were questions about Joan, we'd have her answer the quiz too and then we'd have an answer key.

After answering the quiz, we had Joan announce the answers and then we all scored each other.

The scores ranged from .5 (Leslie gave Felix* half a point because he spelled Joan's major as "maf") to 6 or so. Not bad for a 10 question quiz with some questions with multiple answers (e.g. Joan was a double major).

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