Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shower theme: SPA

For Joan's shower, since she had requested a spa day (I'll have a post of that too), we decided to extend that theme to the party. All of the decorations and favors centered around pampering and being treated like a princess.

For the favors, we made little gift bags with mani/pedi kits. (I have no idea why that pic is off by 90 degrees). We found everything at CVS.

For prizes, we went to Sephora, one of my favorite stores EVER! We got a range of lotions and soaps for all 3 of our games. Last time I got a gift card there, they wrapped it with a red ribbon that had a little metal charm on it. At first, I was like, is that a microphone? The saleslady laughed, and said, no, it's a make-up brush. Way too cute. So this time I asked for 7 of the ribbons so we could wrap our prizes.
For decorations we went with the basic pink and bridal theme. Wedding dresses, bells, a shower sign, and Disney Princess paperware! Caroline excitedly called me when she was shopping for supplies and wondered if princess paperware would be going overboard. I excitedly replied it did not.

And the most gorgeous cake (courtesy of a Vietnamese bakery in NoVA)!
Finally, among friends, I'm known as the shower bouquet girl. I'm the one asking for a plate, pair of scissors and tape and collecting every ribbon, bow, fake flower, and tissue paper off the presents. I love the concept of a practice bouquet. Not only do you have something to practice with at the rehearsal (duh!) but you feel all warm and fuzzy inside because the bouquet represents all the good wishes and hopes your friends and family have for you.

We didn't have quite enough ribbon and no bows (!) so Stephanie taught all of us how to make tissue paper roses and we used up all the scrap paper making roses for Joan.

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