Saturday, February 21, 2009

Practicing my drawing skills...

In the new year, I've added another baked good to my portfolio - sugar cookies. I use a recipe from Martha Stewart (recommended by FI's sister). I bought a gigantic set of cookie cutters from Bed, Bath & Beyond and some icing tips from Michael's.

The sugar cookies came out pretty well and I wanted to ice them and learn how to make beautiful designs. I used an easy royal icing recipe from the Food Network, courtesy of Alton Brown, and added food coloring to make pink and blue icing.

After making the icing, I split it into 2 batches and then added food coloring.

Then I filled an icing bag, attached the tip, and started drawing.

It was fun to think of fun designs for the cookies. I had made stars, circles, and baseball hats. For the circles, I kept trying to think of different sports balls and how they look. For the hats, I either drew the seams or tried to put logos on them. The stars I just made patterns.

Here's a batch I decorated with pink icing.

After icing cookies in just blue and pink, I started switching between both colors.

By the end of the evening, some of the cookies were pretty colorful and a little psychedelic looking.

It was pretty hard to draw straight lines and circles. Whenever I started and stopped, it made an extra blob on the cookie. The lines were pretty thick too. I bought a pretty narrow tip but still the icing was pretty bold and thick.

While I was able to do a lot of fun designs, now I know why beautifully iced cookies cost $3 or $4 each. At least the icing dried nicely and the patterns were pretty cool to look at. The cookies were good to eat too.

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