Thursday, February 26, 2009

More practice of my icing skills...

I continue practicing my icing skills. This time I made cupcakes. And this time I didn't use any random organic or wheat or baking mix flour. I used basic all-purpose white flour and the cupcakes came out beautifully. Don't they look like little flowers all lined up?

This time I whipped up a batch of orange colored royal icing and went to town. I didn't bother using my patterned tip. I think the patterns only really show up if you use a stiffer icing, like buttercream or whipped. Royal icing (until dried) was too liquidy to hold any shape besides lines drawn.

I tried to think of as many fun shapes and designs as I could for each cupcake. I can say for all 28 cupcakes I came up with a different design.

Check out my homage to Charlie Brown in the middle cupcake.

Here's a bunch where I did crazy repetitive patterns. The polka dotted one in the upper right is for my friend who has a fear of dots. (It's apparently a true fear!)

The one on the left is supposed to be a soccer ball. The one on the right is supposed to coral.

The one on top is a rip-off of a Hostess cupcake. The one on the left is a baseball.

All the cupcakes decorated!

I kind of like not having so much icing on my cupcakes. I like them for the cake, not the huge dollop of icing on top, where there's so much you can't get to the cake.

Plus royal icing dries nice and hard and shiny so they looked just as cool the next day.

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