Monday, February 16, 2009

To brighten up my days!

Last Wednesday, I had a day full of meetings. I was running from room to room for the entire afternoon. It was a long day and I finally got back to my desk around 4pm and found a giant box waiting in my chair.

FI had sent me flowers! He even sent them early (as he told me later) so I could enjoy them for a couple of days since Valentine's Day was over the weekend.

He sent me irises from Proflowers, which according to their website, ship their flowers straight from the suppliers so you get them when they're still in bud form and you can see them bloom over the next few days and enjoy them longer.

They came with a vase and flower food, so I spent some time cutting off the ends of the stems and arranging the irises in the vase with water.

Here's a picture of the flowers after I had arranged them. Still mostly in tight buds.

The 2nd day! Most of the buds were now opened and you can see all the lovely iris colors - white, purple, and yellow. FI said that he got those because purple and yellow are our wedding colors.

The 3rd day. Everything's in full bloom. When I went to switch the water, I rearranged all of the irises so the colors were spread out.

Aerial shot!

I left these at work over the long weekend since it would have been hard to carry them home on the subway. I hope they might still be in good shape on Tuesday!

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